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List Of Exhibitions To Group In 2018 (China Foundry Association)

1.India 2018IFEX Casting Exhibition and the 66th India Casting Annual Meeting

Activity Type: Exhibition

Date: January 2018 January 10 ~ 12

Venue: India • Gandhinagar

Organizer: Cologne Exhibition Company

Organized cycle: a year

Exhibition features: the world's third largest casting country's most professional casting exhibition! The foundry associations in China and India are protecting the Indian market. It is estimated that more than 300 exhibitors will be reached in 2018, and the number of professional visitors will reach over 10,000


2. Nuremberg Die Casting Exhibition

Activity Type: Exhibition

Time: January 2018 January 16 to 18

Venue: Nuremberg, Germany

Organizer: Nuremberg International Expo Group

Organized cycle: two years

Exhibition Features: Visit Nuremberg Die Casting Exhibition, one of the largest exhibitions in the die casting industry, and arrange visits to learn about European die-casting companies. In 2014, it has an exhibition area of more than 20,000 square meters, 470 exhibitors and 11,187 viewers. Exhibition themes covered: die-casting technology, die-casting equipment upstream and downstream products, melting holding furnace, die-casting molds, die-casting and extrusion casting related technologies and products.


3. Japan visiting delegation

Activity Type: Visit Exchange

Held in time: July 2018

Venue: Japan

Organizer: China Foundry Association

Held the cycle: the first

Group Features: Experience what is "lean" management, less land, more people, limited resources, Japan how to achieve "sustainable development"? Organize business managers to visit Japan foundry business, to achieve the purpose of learning.



4. the 73rd WFC World Casting Conference + Poland International Foundry Exhibition

Activity Type: Conference + Exhibition

(A) The 73rd WFC World Foundry

Time: September 2018 to September 23 ~ 27

Venue: Poland, Krakow

Organizer: Polish Foundry Industry Association

Organized cycle: two years

Conference features: World Foundry Conference by the "world casting organization" member countries held turns, more than 80 years to promote the world of foundry academic, technological development and exchange, improve the level of foundry technology in all countries have made tremendous contributions. The theme of the 73th conference is "CREATIVE FOUNDRY". The meeting lasts for five days and includes thematic reports, technical reports, various special reports, factory visits and affiliate activities.

(B) Poland International Foundry Exhibition

Time: September 2018 to September 25 ~ 27

Venue: Poland • Kielce

Organizer: Kielce Exhibition Company

Organized cycle: two years

Exhibition features: Poland's largest casting exhibition, but also in the Middle East, one of the heavyweight casting exhibition Caier mining exhibition! This year's show with the "73rd World Foundry Conference" held over the same period, worth the wait! In 2018 exhibitors are expected to reach 271, of which 154 are international exhibitors from 27 countries and regions. The total exhibition area is expected to reach 9000 square meters.


5. China and Mongolia casting technology exchange

Activity Type: External Training

Time: August 2018

Venue: Mongolia Ulan Bator

Organizers: Mongolia Metallurgical Association, China Foundry Association

Held the cycle: the first

Group characteristics: At the invitation of the Mongolian Metallurgy Association, as one of the "Asian Foundry Forum" ancillary activities, organizing enterprises to understand the depth of the foundry industry in Mongolia! Discover trade opportunities!


6. IFF International Foundry Forum

Activity Type: Meeting

Organized by: October 11, 2018

Venue: Netherlands • Amsterdam

Organizers: European Foundry Association, European Foundry Equipment Suppliers Association

Organized cycle: two years

Meeting Features: The purpose of this forum is to analyze in depth the development trend of major downstream markets in foundry industry, exchange the development status of foundry industry in various countries, explore the impact of new technology on foundry industry, and then plan the future development of world foundry industry. Forum participants from well-known global casting business management, as well as casting industry organizations in various countries. The scale is maintained at about 200 people. Non-invited representatives can not attend the high-end casting industry event.


7. Japan Die Casting Exhibition

Activity Type: Exhibition

Time: November 2018 8 ~ 10

Venue: Yokohama, Japan

Organizer: Japan Die Casting Association

Organized cycle: two years

Exhibition features: The show is Japan's only, the largest professional exhibition Die Casting, a hard to find! Exposition arranged after the exhibition inspection well-known die-casting business. The last exhibition area of 7,000 square meters, more than 130 exhibitors, more than 20,000 visitors.


8. Thailand project docking group

Activity Type: Project docking

Hold time: November 2018

Venue: Thailand

Organizer: China Foundry Association

Held the cycle: the first

Group Features: Thailand, ranked among the ASEAN Center, is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia and a bridgehead into the ASEAN market. China Casting Association will jointly Thailand Casting Association, Thailand's local government and Thailand Investment Promotion Committee to help you one-stop deep understanding of Thailand, to explore business opportunities!

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