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North American Auto Parts Procurement Service Center 'settled It’s Location In Wenzhou

Jan 22, 2018

Posted: 2018/1/12


A few days ago, held in Shanghai, China-US auto after-sales market cooperation platform joint conference, the city automobile and motorcycle industry associations to be among the first batch of award-winning "North American NAAP auto parts procurement service center," which means that City automobile and motorcycle industry will accelerate the layout of the two major after-sales markets in North America and China.


"At present, we are ready to fully enter the automotive market." Zhang Xiaoping, president of China Automobile & Motorcycle Industry Association and chairman of China Ruili Group, said at the press conference that the automobile and motorcycle industry in our city is actively exploring new market management Model, create a car culture town, take the lead in the layout of the automobile market, establish the "China · Wenzhou automobile and motorcycle with" regional brand, it is also preparing "Auto Parts Standardization Technical Committee" to enhance the enterprise's information management and intelligence Manufacturing level.


at present, our city automobile and motorcycle industry associations have more than 3,000 member companies who are auto parts manufacturing enterprises, products involved in 15 major categories of more than 5000 series of varieties, covering the car transmission system, control system, driving system, Engine parts, electrical instrumentation, general parts and automotive supplies and other spare parts in various fields.


automobile and motorcycle parts, as one of the city's major industries, in 2016 the output value was 65 billion yuan, which created cumulative export value of 705 million US dollars, of which the North American market sales reached 116 million US dollars. The next step, the city automobile and motorcycle industry associations will be the world's largest car market - North American automotive market, the establishment of strategic cooperative partnership. Both sides will not only cooperate in the supply and marketing channels, but also conduct in-depth cooperation in new post-market formats. By integrating resources and complementing each other's advantages, the two parties will break the original single-cooperation model and further explore the international market to achieve a win-win situation.http://www.pump-casting.com