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Notice On Holding 2018 Advanced Seminar On ’Resisting The Risk Of Environmental Security And Casting The Green Sustainable Development Of Enterprises’

Jan 19, 2018

Chinese Foundry Industry Series Training (No. 615)


Foundry industry, all enterprises and institutions and related personnel:

Since entering the 13th Five-Year Plan, the foundry industry has speeded up the pace of building a "foundry power" and provided many new opportunities for the foundry industry. However, in the face of the increasingly stringent environmental safety requirements, casting enterprises also face many difficulties and risks. In order to assist the vast number of enterprises to fully understand the relevant laws and regulations, policies and standards of the state environmental protection, clarify their responsibilities, upgrade consciously and realize green and sustainable development, the Committee of Education and Training of China Foundry Association is scheduled to hold a post in January 11-12, 2018 in Deyang The city holds 2018 Advanced Seminar on "Resisting the Risk of Environmental Security and Casting the Green Sustainable Development of Enterprise". This seminar is of theoretical, pertinent and operational nature. We hereby invite the person in charge of enterprises and institutions, production technology, environmental protection, safety and occupational health departments and local industry managers to participate in the training. The relevant notice of training is as follows:

1. To fully understand the risks and opportunities found in foundry companies, to turn risks into opportunities and turn pressure into motivation;

2. Understand the environmental regulations and content points to be observed by newly-found foundry enterprises in the past five years, grasp the key points of the "Emission Standards for Foundry Industrial Air Pollutants" and the emission limits to be observed by this enterprise;

3. Understand the pollution factors of four categories (air, water, noise, solid waste) of foundry enterprises and their compliance with the general requirements for disposal according to law, and grasp the application of different types of pollutant emission standards and determine the emission limits;

4. Understand the basic knowledge of casting air pollutants, composition and composition of the three types of hazards (air pollution, dust occupational hazards, combustible dust explosion) and other basic knowledge, to master the particulate matter (dust, soot), VOC and other key pollutants caused The harm of the system of prevention and control measures;

5. Understand the disastrous consequences and causes of major accidents in the foundry industry in recent years, understand the occupational health and safety regulations and key points to be observed by the foundry enterprises introduced in recent years, understand and initially grasp comprehensive prevention and control measures for combustible dust explosions;

6. Understand the contents of the regulations and standards of "Foundry Industry Transformation and Upgrading, Green Development, Energy Saving, Consumption Reduction and Quality Improvement" introduced in recent years, and understand the more stringent points of the "foundry industry standard conditions" than the "access conditions" Green Foundry Enterprise Evaluation Rules "benchmarking method;

7. Understand what advanced and applicable "high quality, high efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction, health and safety production technologies" and their applicability to casting enterprises have helped mature the enterprises to achieve the transformation and upgrading through technological innovation, optimization of product / material / process structure and sustainable development.http://www.pump-casting.com/