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Notice On Holding 2018 Chinese Foundry Industry Series Training

Foundry industry, all enterprises and institutions and related personnel,The relevant notice of training is as follows:

Lecture 1: Survival and Sustainable Development Risk and Opportunities for Foundry Enterprises

1. Encouraging and inspiring role of "transformation and upgrading, building a casting power";

2. "From access conditions to standard conditions" guide and regulate the role of constraints;

3. Strict environmental laws and regulations introduced intensive and environmental monitoring storm threatens the survival of foundry;

4. Sudden accidents and severe occupational hazards - the survival and development of the other two major risks;

5. "High quality and efficiency, green, smart" ¬ - casting the power of the three major signs.

Second Lecture: Contents and Requirements Interpretation of New Environmental Protection Laws and Regulations Issued in Recent Years

1.2012-2017 issued a list of new environmental laws and regulations and the main plus strict point;

2. Important environmental laws and regulations new standards of content interpretation;

3. "Casting industrial air pollutant emission standards" interpretation and degree of severity analysis;

Third Lecture: Casting enterprises how to brave the storm of environmental protection, to achieve various types of pollutants discharge standards

1. Foundry enterprises four major pollutants discharge standards, according to the general requirements of disposal;

2. Casting enterprises should comply with all kinds of pollutant emission standards profile;

3. Casting enterprises how to select the discharge standards and determine the emission limits;

4. Casting air pollutants discharge standards system and treatment techniques.

Lecture 4: Casting air pollution / occupational hazards of dust comprehensive management

1. Casting a comprehensive analysis of air pollutant types, composition and hazards;

2. Prevention and control of air pollutants and their hazards - dust and dust (particulate matter);

3. Gaseous pollutants, especially the hazards of VOC should pay attention;

4. Casting air pollution, dust poisoning system prevention and control measures and measures.

Lecture 5: In recent years, promulgated new regulations on occupational health and safety and harsh production safety situation

1. Foundry business in recent years, major occupational health and safety accidents and causes analysis;

2. In recent years, promulgated a list of occupational health and safety regulations and interpretation of important laws and regulations;

3. The key processes to implement the "machine replacement" to reduce labor intensity and safety risks, improve quality and efficiency;

4. Foundry combustible dust explosion comprehensive prevention and control measures.

Lecture 6: Interpretation and Application of Four Regulations on Founding Enterprise's "Transformation and Upgrading, Green Development, Energy Saving, Quality Improvement"

1. In recent years, the introduction of four types of laws and regulations, a list of standards and profiles;

2. To implement the "foundry industry standard conditions" to survive and participate in the right to compete;

3. Contrast "Green Foundry Enterprise Evaluation Rules", striving for green casting (demonstration) enterprises;

4. Implementation of "Quality Management System Foundry Certification requirements" to improve the level of lean quality management;

5. Implement EMS / OHSMS / EnMS to improve enterprise environment / safety / energy management level.

Lecture 7: Introduction of Advanced Technology (Process, Materials and Equipment) for High Quality, Efficient, Energy Saving and Emission Reduction / Health and Safety

1. Advanced metal liquid melting and pre-treatment technology;

2. Advanced sand casting and special casting technology;

3. Advanced for casting cleaning and post-processing technology;

4. Casting enterprise auxiliary and ancillary production systems (power, heating, cooling, lighting) advanced and applicable technology.http://www.pump-casting.com/