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Related Functions Of Electric Pump Accessories

First, the material in the pump fittings is divided into stainless steel (SS 316 or SS 304), cast iron, etc.The 316 stainless steel used in the pump fittings is normally used in the water industry and pharmaceutical applications, which is more effective as a stainless steel in the heat.

Next, the electric pump fittings adopts 600W brush less motor, which is lighter and more powerful.The design of pump body is very high, low pressure two-stage, which is convenient and efficient.

The body of the electric pump is driven back by electromagnet.When we set the pressure, and the auto release will go to zero, which will extend the service life of the tool,Small fuel tank design and an external air valve can be used for oil and gas exchange.

Then, when the electric pump fittings are used for single oil, it is very important that it can promote the single oil hydraulic pressure tool,the more common ones include punching machines and bending machines, as well as a small tonnage of various pressure clamps.

In the end, the normal large-tonnage electric pump fittings have more than 50ton1120mm/S.T, because if the return oil is too slow, the spring will be weak,At this time, there will be a demand for oil or oil. In this case, it will be based on the double motion.The working pressure of the oil and return oil of the active pump is 700kg/cm2, so the load will generate tonnage strength.http://www.pump-casting.com/