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Sand Casting Process

1, the mold part: in accordance with the requirements of the production of the production of molds, the general production of single pieces can be used wood mold, mass production can produce plastic mold, metal mold, large quantities of castings can make templates.

2, sanding stage: in accordance with the requirements of sand manufacturing and casting the different types of preparation of qualified sand, for modeling purposes.

3, modeling (core) stage: including the shape (with the formation of sand casting sand shape), the core (the shape of the formation of the casting), with the mold (the core into the cavity, the upper and lower sand box ). Modeling is the key link in casting.

4, smelting stage: in accordance with the required metal ingredients with a good chemical composition, select the appropriate melting furnace melting alloy material, the formation of qualified liquid metal liquid (including qualified, temperature qualified)

5, pouring stage: the qualified melting metal into the mold with a good box. Pouring stage of the risk is relatively large, to special attention.

6, clean up stage: After pouring and other molten metal after solidification, the sand removed, destroyed the gate and other attachments, it formed the required castings.