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Stainless Steel Casting Surface Rough Reasons

Aug 28, 2017

1, the first from the material, a large part of the stainless steel casting surface rough reason is the surface quality of stainless steel itself, stainless steel is a columnar crystal structure network skeleton to refractories, additives and water filled in the middle of the skeleton, but in the dry After the firing of the surface there are different sizes of pores, metal fluids penetrate into these different sizes of the pores, resulting in stainless steel surface roughness, resulting in stainless steel casting surface roughness.

2, the manufacturing industry, the casting process is an important part of the casting of stainless steel casting, stainless steel temperature, metal pouring temperature and pressure head, casting vacuum and other parameters on the casting surface roughness are affected, especially the type Mild pouring temperature greater impact.

3, the impact of the alloy, the thermal conductivity is small, the use of stainless steel, the molten metal pouring into the type of slow cooling, the castings of coarse grain, grain between the groove will make the casting surface rough, Depth will even reach 7μm.

4, pressure and melting surface quality. The surface roughness of the investment is the most important part of the surface roughness of the casting, which is related to the pressure surface quality, the mold pressing method and the pressing process parameters.