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Stainless Steel Casting Surface Roughness Improvement Method:

1, to improve the smoothness of the surface of stainless steel, the impact of stainless steel surface roughness is the metal liquid into the stainless steel surface of some of the gaps, the crystal diameter, surface pore average diameter sound, alloy liquid surface radius of curvature will affect the penetration of metal liquid important Factor, it is necessary to reduce the diameter of the crystal and filler particles and to reduce the surface pore diameter of the stainless steel castings; or the use of additives that can be enriched on the surface to fill the larger pores to reduce the infiltration of the molten metal depth.

2, the relationship between the temperature of stainless steel and the pouring temperature of molten metal and the surface roughness of castings. With the increase of temperature and the pouring temperature of the molten metal, the filling performance of the molten metal is improved, the depth of the infiltration into the surface pores increases, and the surface roughness of the stainless steel casting increases.

3, the alloy should be modified, and the use of better thermal conductivity of zircon and other filler to improve the cooling rate of stainless steel castings, casting surface layer of grain is smaller, to reduce the casting surface roughness.