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Stainless Steel Castings After Pouring Paint Notes

Stainless steel castings in the long-term use, affected by the external environment, Diaoqi is a normal phenomenon, this time we have to fill paint.

1, first of all we should be prepared to repair the tools used: sandpaper, brush, paint or barrel paint, choose paint when you should try to choose anti-rust paint or polyester-type finish, but also to ensure that the stainless steel casting brush The number of times in more than twice. Need to rust the location of the rust spot with sandpaper polished clean.

2, the use of paint for the first time when the paint should be painted evenly until the paint dry after a second painting, the second time should be used when brushing the use of polyurethane-type paint, brushing time should be Try to ensure that the surface is smooth.

3, if the aging of stainless steel castings is more serious, should try to consider the replacement of new.

In order to minimize the loss of stainless steel castings, should pay attention to its maintenance and maintenance, so as to have a better use effect.