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The Importance Of Valve Fittings

Actuators are particularly important valve fittings on the valve, and in this case, we actually have to be careful about the way in which it is largely powered by the use of an externally actuated valve. The next to speak, the purpose of using the drive, that is, to make the valve operation appears more labor-saving and convenient, followed by, that is, will be ruthless and reliable, enabling automatic control and remote control.


For the valve drive such valve parts in terms of the basic requirements, in terms of their torque or thrust, it is to a large extent that will meet the valve opening and closing needs, and for travel and torque The control is that it will appear very accurate and reliable, the choice of power is also very suitable for the scene, the opening and closing movements will be very consistent with the control requirements, the device itself is also very small.


Followed by such valve parts in accordance with the output shaft movement that is divided into multi-turn rotary or partial rotary and linear reciprocating 3 kinds. About its multi-turn rotary type is also applicable to the valve stem or stem nut need to turn multiple laps to be fully open or fully closed valve, including gate valve, globe valve, the output torque value of the series is generally 40 ~ 10000 Nm (thrust is 20 ~ 1100 kN).


Valve parts of the drive, part of its rotary type for the valve stem in one revolution which is fully open or fully closed valve, including ball valves, butterfly valves, for its output torque of the series generally speaking , That is, 125 to 125,000 Nm.


Valve parts in the drive, if the use of linear reciprocating, that is, it will be more suitable for the valve stem only linear reciprocating motion can be fully open or fully closed valve, the more common is to include a solenoid valve. In this type of valve drive power source industry in accordance with that will be divided into manual devices, pneumatic devices, hydraulic devices and their electric devices and gas-liquid linkage and electro-hydraulic linkage.http://www.pump-casting.com/