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To Prevent The Deformation Of Iron Castings, Improve The Casting Structure

To prevent the deformation of iron casting, we should pay attention to improve the casting structure. In the preparation of casting process or production practice, it is found that the structural design of iron casting is unreasonable or the wall thickness difference is relatively large, it is suggested to propose to the relevant departments to modify the structural scheme of iron castings.

Considering from the casting angle of the iron casting, attention should be paid to adjusting the location and quantity of the sprue gate and flash groove. In this way, progressive solidification and uniform cooling can be obtained and at the same time ,the purpose of shrinkage can be achieved.

In fact, the casting stress will also lead to casting deformation, so in the production of wood model or modeling, we should take relative technical measures to make the corresponding technical measures and make the corresponding allowance for camber. Keep the iron castings straight after the shrinkage.

To avoid the deformation of iron casting, in the design of moulding flask or the selection of old moulding flask, there must be a certain mold thickness. In general, the mold thickness should not be less than 60 mm, and the medium or large parts should not be less than 120 ~ 180 mm. If necessary, after casting, when the casting does not shrink, the molding sand should be loosened or removed, so that the casting will freely and normally shrink.

To prevent the deformation of iron castings, the location of the sprue gate and flash groove should be set up reasonably. The sprue gate and flash groove should keep a certain mold thickness.http://www.pump-casting.com/