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What Aspects Does The Improvement Of The Technical Level Of The Pump Valve Casting Mainly Benefit From?

Nov 21, 2017

The development of pump valve castings has been very rapid in recent years in China. The annual output has reached record highs and has run well ahead of other countries. The rapid increase in the production of castings in China is caused by a large increase in domestic demand for castings, on the other hand, is caused by the transfer of foundry production to the domestic production in developed countries and regions, which makes the export volume of castings increase year by year.

The process technology of the pump valve castings in China has also been improved rapidly, and is gradually taking steps on the road to the powerful castings country. At present, the application of new foundry technology and new technology in our country is mainly manifested in: the number of advanced molding line and core making center is more and more. The resin sand technology has been widely used. And the cast steel VOD smelting, lost foam casting, computer simulation technology, rapid prototyping technology are widely used.

The improvement of the technical level of the pump valve casting mainly benefits from several aspects:

1. The quality of the pump valve castings for export is strictly required.

2. Domestic demand for high-quality castings has increased rapidly, such as the rapid development of the automotive industry, the rise of wind power industry and so on.

3. The advanced and mature technology have been brought by wholly invested foreign and joint venture casting enterprises.

The application of filtration technology in foundry has developed rapidly in recent years. This technology has a significant effect on reducing the inclusion and porosity defects, improving the mechanical properties and processing performance of the pump valve casting, and has caught increasingly attention from foundry enterprises.It has been widely used in the western developed countries , our understanding of its importance is also more and more profound.

The pouring speed is very important in the production process of the pump valve castings. The pouring speed is fast, the mold is filled quickly, and the heat dissipation is less in the pouring process. The temperature of the metal liquid in the cavity is relatively uniform, and the temperature distribution of the parts of the casting is relatively uniform.