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Hot sale stainless steel water pump impeller nearly 15 years,We have exported Stertil(Holland), LKL(Holland), GE(USA), CAT(USA), RHI(USA), WKM(Japan), UGL(Australia), ABS(Australia), KTH(Australia), Supplylink(Australia), FLOWSERVE(USA), Ruhrpumpen,etc.

Product Details

Stainless Steel Water Pump Impeller Introduction

Material: Stainless steel (CD4MCuN)

Standard: ASTM A995

Casting process:  alkaline phenolic resins

Weight: 65KGS

Min. wall thickness: 8mm

Heat treatment method: solid solution and aging treatment

Surface treatments:  shot blasting and polishing

Tolerance grade: CT10

Application: pump, valve, impeller, power facilities, Construction Tools, Oil and gas system, Agriculture Machinery, Firefighting Equipment, Metallurgical Equipment, Shipyard, mining equipment parts.

Technical Key Points

Ø Select and use alkali phenolic resin self hardening sand. Practice has proved that the secondary solidification of  alkali phenolic resin under the thermal action during pouring process, will make the resin sand maintain a certain degree of thermoplastic, and then into a rigidity state, this change process to alleviate internal stress of core generated by the heat expansion of the sand stress, thus crack tendency of guide vane body casting is greatly reduced.

Ø Apply bottom injection open gating system, set the section area ratio of the pouring system as:

∑A vertical:∑A horizontal:∑A inner =1.0:(0.8-0.9):(1.1-1.2)

Inner runner section area ∑A inner=K产品说明-292168.png  K-flow rate,take value 0.78  G- metal liquid total weight(Kg)

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Quality Assurance

Ø Process design and validation before bulk production.

Ø On-site inspection to all processes, inspection record keep traceable for 3 years.

Ø All inspectors are skilled with international certificates.

Ø Qualified WPS and professional welders guarantee welding quality.

Ø Regular training for inspection staff.


Technology Advantages

Ø we are willing to develop all new material only if it’s required in application.

Ø Advantage technology in composition control, especially super low carton steel, stainless steel and duplex stainless steel.

Ø Crack is fatal flaw for pressure resistant container. We can make sure no crack inside and outside of the pump and valve castings, and a good pressure-resistant performance.

Ø All our technology innovation only for one aim--- the best quality, even that means a higher cost and lower production rate.


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