Vane Castings Vane Wheel Castings Impeller Precision Castings

High quality non-standard Vane wheel lost-wax casting Pump steel Impeller casting from Lingtong Casting,We have exported Stertil (Holland), LKL(Holland), GE(USA), CAT(USA), RHI(USA), WKM(Japan), UGL(Australia), ABS(Australia), KTH(Australia), Supplylink(Australia),FLOWSERVE(USA),Ruhrpumpen,etc.

Product Details

Vane Wheel Castings Impeller Precision Castings Description 

Material: Stainless steel (CA6Mn)

Standard: ASTM A743

Casting process:  alkaline phenolic resins

Weight: 550KGS

Min. wall thickness: 7mm

Heat treatment method: High temperature reaction and tempering treatment

Surface treatments:  shot blasting and polishing

Chemical Composition:









Mechanical Property

Tensile strength: 830MPa

Yield strength: 655MPa

Elongation: 43%

Hardness: 255HB

Tolerance grade: CT12

Application: pump, valve, impeller, power facilities, Construction Tools, Oil and gas system, Agriculture Machinery, Firefighting Equipment, Metallurgical Equipment, Shipyard, mining equipment parts.

Our market: Europe, North America, Australia, Asia.


Technical Key Points

Ø Control the usage rate of recycled material. When melted in the atmosphere, most of the easily oxidized elements in the material are present in the form of inclusions. Therefore, the amount of inclusions to be taken into account and the usage of recycled material must be controlled. for the stainless steel guide vane, the provisions of the return material amount should be not more than 15%.

Ø Blowing argon to the steel to reduce inclusions. Take 2t ladle as example, when tapping the molten steel, gas pressure should be strictly controlled below 0.1Mpa to prevent the new Oxygen absorption effect, which may be caused by Violent turbulence if the blowing gas is with high pressure. Argon blowing process can effectively reduce oxygen content of the steel by 10% -20%, the effect is very obvious. after tapping of the high temperature molten steel, the steel must be sedated for 5 minutes, thus the gas solubility in steel will reduce and some gas will escape from the steel, carrying the inclusion inside rise to the surface of the steel, thus the steel are cleaned.



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Technology Advantages

Ø We are a innovation-driven company, we have five patents and another 13 patents will be expected to get in short months.

Ø we are willing to develop all new material only if it’s required in application.

Ø Advantage technology in composition control, especially super low carton steel, stainless steel and duplex stainless steel.

Ø We cast very good surface of thin-wall castings, which is normally not easy to control for sand castings, but we made suitable technology and are able to guarantee smooth no-defect surface.

Ø Crack is fatal flaw for pressure resistant container. We can make sure no crack inside and outside of the pump and valve castings, and a good pressure-resistant performance.

Ø All our technology innovation only for one aim--- the best quality, even that means a higher cost and lower production rate.


Company Milestones

2003  Wuxi Lingtong Casting Co.,Ltd. Founded, with main products of sodium silicate silica sand precision casting and sand casting.

2009  start cooperating with stertil B.V. who is famous lifting equipment manufacturer in Netherlands, we provide the lifting parts.

2010  we purchased 500kg and 750kg medium frequency furnaces to expand our capacity. In the same year, our products was audited by Flowserve Flow Control Co.,Ltd, and began to cooperate formally.

2015.4  our samples provided to Wuxi Hitachi Pump Co., LTD get approval, and start cooperation with them.

2015.6  butterfly valve body produced by Lingtong won the 2015 CIFEX "gold award for for quality casting" , with material WCB.

2016.10  Established a cooperative relationship with Shanghai Liancheng pump industry Co., LTD.

2017.6  our vertical pump body casting won the award of "Special gold award for quality casting" in 2017 CIFEX.  material is CF3M (316L stainless steel), the pump body was exported to the United States.


1. Which kinds of NDT methods that your company can provide?

A: The NDT we provide are PT, MT, UT and RT.

2. Which grade of radiographic inspection can you reach?

A: We can reach Grade 2.

3. Which welding equipment do you have?

A: We mainly use SMAW, MAG, TIG, CW according to the material and characteristic of the casting

4. Which inspection reports you can provide?

A: We Provide dimensional inspection report,  chemical composition inspection report, physical property inspection report, heat treatment report, NDT flaw detection report,  according to customer demand.

5. What’s your annual production capacity?

A: We cast more then 1500 tons of all kinds steel castings annually.