Green Sand Casting Process

Green Sand Casting Process
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Green Sand Casting Process introduction


Green Sand Castings are castings made using wet sand or “green sand” molds. The sand is not green in color nor do the molds use “greensand,” a greenish color sandstone. Instead the sand is called “green” because it has moisture in it before the sand dries out when molten metal is poured in the mold.What gives the sand moisture and helps the sand stick together when making molds is the clay that is mixed in the sand. Bentonite clay and the sand mixed together provide strong molds that can be created on an automated assembly line.

Advantage of Green Sand Casting Process

a.You can find green sand castings in everything from engine blocks and flywheels to pump housings and ship parts. 

b.The ability to quickly make molds through automated machines makes green sand casting economical and popular for making medium to high volume castings since the automated processes allows for a lot of molds to be quickly made at an affordable cost.

c.Not only are green sand castings relatively inexpensive, they can also make very large castings. Green sand castings as large at 7,000 pounds are not uncommon, though most stay in the 1 – 500-pound range. 

d.Green sand castings have a limit in size because of the compaction required in making the mold, so for really large castings, other methods must be chosen.  No-bake castings are better for giant sized castings. No-bake castings have been made as large as 50 tons (100,000 pounds).


◆ We are a innovation-driven company, we have five patents and another 13 patents will be expected to get in short months. 

◆ we are willing to develop all new material only if it’s required in application.

◆ Advantage technology in composition control, especially super low carton steel, stainless steel and duplex stainless steel. 

◆ We cast very good surface of thin-wall castings, which is normally not easy to control for sand castings, but we made suitable technology and are able to guarantee smooth no-defect surface.

◆ Crack is fatal flaw for pressure resistant container. We can make sure no crack inside and outside of the pump and valve castings, and a good pressure-resistant performance.

◆ All our technology innovation only for one aim--- the best quality, even that means a higher cost and lower production rate.


1.We provide free technical service about casting parts and application issues.

2.Free on-site touring and introduction of our factory. 

3.We provide process design and validation for free.

4.We can guarantee on-time delivery of samples and goods.

5.Close follow-up of all orders by special person and keep customers informed timely.

6.All after-sale request will be responded in 24 hours.

We will design each special checking tooling control key dimension during production to ensure each key dimension under control.