Pump Sand Casting Stainless Steel Sand Casting

High quality Sand Casting Stainless Steel Precision Lost Wax Investment Casting from Lingtong Casting,established in 2003,We have exported Stertil(Holland), LKL(Holland), GE(USA), CAT(USA), RHI(USA), WKM(Japan), UGL(Australia), ABS(Australia), KTH(Australia), Supplylink(Australia), FLOWSERVE(USA), Ruhrpumpen,etc.

Product Details

Pump Sand Casting Stainless Steel Sand Casting Introduction

Material: carbon steel (ZG270-500)

Weight: 600KGS

Min. wall thickness: 13mm

Heat treatment method:  normalizing

Surface treatments:  shot blasting and polishing

Tolerance grade: CT11

Application: pump, valve, impeller, power facilities, Construction Tools, Oil and gas system, Agriculture Machinery, Firefighting Equipment, Metallurgical Equipment, Shipyard, mining equipment parts.

Technical Key Points

For small and medium-sized pump body castings, we usually set pouring system in the horizontal parting surface, with semi-circular horizontal runners and scattered inner runners, so as to reduce hot section and expands the filling surface, in the premise of ensuring the cross-sectional area, try to increase the width thickness rate (7: 1-5: 1). For larger pump castings, surface area is large and flow route of molten steel is long, so the temperature of steel drop fast, normally we use the bottom injected open-type pouring system, to achieve effective, fast and smooth filling.

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Quality Assurance

Ø Process design and verification before batch production.

Ø Strict control of all raw and auxiliary materials, so that all raw materials to reach the world's advanced level.

Ø We will conduct on-site inspections of all processes, and maintain the traceability of the inspection records for 3 years.

Ø All inspectors have international certificates.

Ø We will train inspectors regularly.


Technology Advantages

Ø We are an innovation driven company, we have five patents, and will get another 13 patents within a few months.

Ø Advantage technology in composition control, especially super low carton steel, stainless steel and duplex stainless steel.

Ø We cast very good surface of thin-wall castings, which is normally not easy to control for sand castings, but we made suitable technology and are able to guarantee smooth no-defect surface.

Ø All of our technological innovations are for one goal - the best quality.