Pump Sand Casting Stainless Steel Sand Casting

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Pump Sand Casting Stainless Steel Sand Casting Introduction

Material: carbon steel (ZG270-500)

Weight: 600KGS

Min. wall thickness: 13mm

Heat treatment method:  normalizing

Surface treatments:  shot blasting and polishing

Tolerance grade: CT11

Application: pump, valve, impeller, power facilities, Construction Tools, Oil and gas system, Agriculture Machinery, Firefighting Equipment, Metallurgical Equipment, Shipyard, mining equipment parts.

Technical Key Points

For small and medium-sized pump body castings, we usually set pouring system in the horizontal parting surface, with semi-circular horizontal runners and scattered inner runners, so as to reduce hot section and expands the filling surface, in the premise of ensuring the cross-sectional area, try to increase the width thickness rate (7: 1-5: 1). For larger pump castings, surface area is large and flow route of molten steel is long, so the temperature of steel drop fast, normally we use the bottom injected open-type pouring system, to achieve effective, fast and smooth filling.

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Quality Assurance

Ø Process design and verification before batch production.

Ø Strict control of all raw and auxiliary materials, so that all raw materials to reach the world's advanced level.

Ø We will conduct on-site inspections of all processes, and maintain the traceability of the inspection records for 3 years.

Ø All inspectors have international certificates.

Ø We will train inspectors regularly.


Technology Advantages

Ø We are an innovation driven company, we have five patents, and will get another 13 patents within a few months.

Ø Advantage technology in composition control, especially super low carton steel, stainless steel and duplex stainless steel.

Ø We cast very good surface of thin-wall castings, which is normally not easy to control for sand castings, but we made suitable technology and are able to guarantee smooth no-defect surface.

Ø All of our technological innovations are for one goal - the best quality.