Metal Butterfly Valve Castings

Metal Butterfly Valve Castings
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Metal Butterfly Valve castings

Valve castings can also be called large castings, large bed castings, large gray iron castings, gray iron. All kinds of castings, the largest use of mechanical casting varieties, the most complex shape, the largest amount, accounting for about 60% of the total output of castings. Followed by metallurgical steel ingot mold and engineering pipeline. 




(1) good wear resistance and shock resistance. As the cast iron graphite is conducive to lubrication and oil storage, so good wear resistance. Likewise, due to the presence of graphite, the shock resistance is superior to that of steel.

(2) good process performance. As the gray cast iron high carbon content, close to the eutectic composition, so the melting point is relatively low, good fluidity, shrinkage is small, so suitable for casting complex or thin-walled castings. In addition, since the graphite is easy to form chips during cutting, the machinability of the gray cast iron is superior to that of the steel. The factory also produces machine bed, large castings, vertical casting and other large castings products.



Gray cast iron is mainly used for rough parts of machine parts, some precision castings, can also be used directly as part of the machine. Casting in the mechanical products occupy a large proportion, such as tractors, the casting weight of about 50 ~ 70% of the weight of machinery, agricultural machinery accounted for 40 ~ 70%, machine tools, internal combustion engines in 70 ~ 90%.



Castings non-machined surface and exterior quality have a significant impact on the castings,which include:

Ø ⑴ surface concavity (up box, shrinkage and sand);

Ø ⑵ surface or cavity cleanliness (sticky sand, sticky "coating layer");

Ø ⑶ flatness deviation (non-processing surface ups and downs);

Ø ⑷ surface roughness;

Ø ⑸ contour clarity (convex, umbilical and other structural elements of the contour clarity, with the naked eye assessment)


Machine tool casting requirements

⑴ coating requirements: the use of water-based graphite coating, the wave between the degree of 60-70, brushing in the greenhouse, drying is strictly prohibited before moving to prevent deformation

⑵ brush requirements: paint evenly, brush when exposed to white.

⑶ coating drying: paint for dry after there must be sufficient strength, drying at 50-60 ℃ 24h

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Ø We provide free technical service about casting parts and application issues.

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1. What is your main casting process?

  A: Our casting technologies include sand casing, investment casting, bonded sand casting etc.

2. Can you produce OEM parts according to our casting drawing and machining drawing?

  A: Yes, we can produce OEM parts according to our casting drawing and machining drawing.

3. Can you provide machined finished parts?

  A:Yes, we have our own machining center, we have machines for different machining process and CNC machining center.

4. How is your goods quality?

  A: We cooperated with many world class companied for many years, for examples, Stertil B.V., LKL, FLOWSERVE, Ruhrpump, Hitachi, Swater, GE, CAT, WKM etc. our products received good response from our customers.