Casting Valve Body Sand

Casting Valve Body Sand
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Casting Valve Body Sand introduction


We are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying an excellent quality Foundry Casting Valve Body Sand Castings. As for butterfly valve bodies, the machining has high requirements to accuracy, so most of key positions need to use CNC centers and numerically controlled lathes. Especially for the split type design.

Production capacity

1.Casting classification:Sand casting;Precision casting;Vacuum process casting etc.

2.Gray iron, ductile iron, stainless steel , carbon steel, alloy steel, etc.

3.Adoption standard:BS, DIN, ASTM GB etc.

4.Main equipments:Furnaces;Heat treatment furnaces;Direct-reading spectrometer;Shot -blasting equipments, etc.

5.Surface treatment:Polishing, plating, shot blasting, heat treatment , etc

6.Packing and shipping :Stand export packing;20day make module & sample;Delivery time against your quantity.

7.Casting service:Your logo, character, trade name, number etc can be casted on the surface clearly.

Our Advantage

1)We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter with a history of more than 20 years, enjoying an excellent reputation and keep a good relationship with many foreign companies.

2)We have a lot of high precise Machining equipment and high precision testing equipment, our manufactory also have a large number of engineers. we can provide the best products and the best service for you.

Our Promise

1)The delivery time and the package can be controlled according to the customers' requirement completely.

2)we will produce the products seriously according to the drawings, and make sure all the products is suitable for the customers.

3)We will communicate with the customers all the time about the products, we will send the picture.


1.What kinds of physical and chemical testing you can provide?

The physical and chemical testing we provide include:

◆ chemical composition testing

◆ physical property testing:hardness test,Tensile performance testing, room temperature impact testing, low temperature impact test


◆ Metallographic testing

2.What’s the minimum wall thickness of the castings you produce? 

The minimum wall thickness of the castings we produce is 8mm.

3.Can you list the smelting equipment of your company?

We have 3 models of medium-frequency induction furnaces: 0.5 tons, 2 tons and 3 tons.